Compass Login & Information

We are pleased to introduce a new service for families called ‘Compass.’  This will become one of the primary means of communication between school and home.

1.  News Feeds   –  the school will post news to parents regarding events and activities at the school. Your news feed will be customised, showing only the information relevant to you and your children.

2. Attendance –  view your child’s attendance online, approve absences and indicate future absence.

3.  Newsletter –  the full newsletter will be published on  ‘Compass.’ Parents will be able to log on and read this each fortnight.

4. Excursions – you will be able to approve your child’s participation in excursions and other special events including school camps. You will be able to pay for these online.

5. Parent/Student/Teacher conferences. Make and check appointments with teachers.

6. Reports – View and download your child’s report as a pdf file.

7. Chronicle  – This is a module which allows staff to inform you of a range of information about your child. This could include observations on health, behaviour, attitude and academic data just to name a few.

8. Calendar – Allows you to view information on your child’s as well as whole school events and important dates to note.

As the semester progresses more features will become available. We feel however that those listed above will be an excellent introduction to what will become an invaluable information source for all parents.

Click on the Login icon below and use your username and password provided in the information letter from the school on 14th July 2015.


Compass Login