Health & Physical Education

Hlth_PhysEdThe Health program is implemented in the classroom through an integrated approach or as single topics. The program is supported by the Life Education Van and enhanced by visiting speakers.

The physical education program is conducted by a specialist and supported by the classroom teachers.

Children participate in a comprehensive skills based program that provides them with a sound base for participation in future sporting activities, and the development of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a Perceptual Motor Skills Program to all prep and Year One children ( a program which aims to teach children perceptions and understandings of themselves and their world through motor and movement experiences).

This program is strongly supported by parent helpers. A Water Safety Program – an intensive two week program for all students at Dromana beach focusing on safe enjoyment of our bayside environment. Bike Ed – practical skills and on road safety for students.

Outdoor Education – sequential program from P-6, with a camping program for students in Years 3 – 6. Sports Clinics in a variety of sports drawing on the expertise of visiting athletes. Comprehensive lunch-time competitions in a n

umber of sports. Intra and Inter school sport programs.

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

In addition to the Health and Physical Education Program, the students at Dromana Primary School are involved in lessons and activities for Personal Learning, Interpersonal Development and Civics and Citzenship. This new approach links the traditional discipline-based learning (see above) to other important areas of learning – such as the development of physical, personal and social skills. Standards are set in areas such as building social relationships and developing thinking and communication skills.