Internet Guidelines

We have formulated the following guidelines to ensure the privacy and safety
of pupils when using the Internet.

  • Students’ Internet use is at all times moderated and supervised by a
  • Students will only access sites as instructed by a teacher.
  • Students will not reveal their personal details, on the Internet or in dialogue with other Internet users.
  • All email use within and between schools is moderated and organised by a teacher. Individual email accounts  (eg Gmail, Hotmail etc) will not be used by students at school.
  • Children will not engage in conversation or dialogue with other users on the Internet except where organised and moderated by a teacher. Social Networking and video sites are not available at school. (YouTube/Dailymotion/Facebook/Twitter)
  • Downloading and uploading of files is restricted to staff.
  • Names of children will not appear on our website either as captions to images or in text. Individual images will not appear if parents have requested a restriction.
  •  DPS is connected to the VIC1 system which offers a filtered
    service blocking inappropriate material.  Any students finding themself uncomfortable or upset by anything they discover on the Internet will report it to a teacher immediately.
  • Children will not access the Internet on mobile devices unless instructed so to do by a teacher. (iPads, phones etc)