Environmental Captains

Our Environmental Captains are elected Year 6 student leaderswho have shown a commitment to ensuring Dromana Primary School is always striving to be more sustainable. Our student leaders participate in the ‘I see I care’ program and lead by example to inform others about how we can make simple changes to daily habits to be a more sustainable school. 

Learning about our local coastal environment is part of every-day learning at Dromana Primary School.

Working closely with the Ranger at the Dromana Foreshore we learn about the native plants and sea life unique to this part of the world. This close link to the local environment fosters a strong sense of connection and responsibility for the protection and care of this beautiful part of the world. Getting together with students, families and teachers from our school community to clean up the foreshore is part of our commitment to being a sustainable and proactive school community. 

Nude Food

Nude Food is encouraged every day at Dromana Primary School. We encourage lunchboxes with no single use wrappers or plastics. This keeps our bodies healthy and our environment healthy too as we cut back the amount of waste we generate. Please bring your own cutlery if you are ordering lunch from the canteen. The canteen also offer a discount if you bring your own ‘keep cup’ for hot drinks. Reduce, re-use and recycle are common practices across the school. Each classroom and the staffroom have an allocated paper recycling bin, general waste bin and compost bins. Recyclable plastic containers can be placed in the designated bin near our canteen area. 


Each Wednesday morning our bike captains under the supervision of Mr Davern, meet on the foreshore opposite the BP in Dromana for the ride to school program. Students in Year 3 and above are welcome to meet at this time and place and enjoy the ride to school along the foreshore path. What a great way to keep fit and healthy and reduce our carbon footprint to get to school.