At Dromana Primary School we are committed to improving student outcomes in Literacy from Foundation to Year 6.

Our lessons are collaboratively planned with teams of teachers working together to design and implement learning opportunities based on current data that pinpoints the learning needs of every child. Through the lens of Literacy, staff utilise mentor texts to expose students to various authors craft. We want our students to experience what good literature is so they can reflect this in their own learning.

Within Reading and Writing students are supported in conferencing so they can work alongside their teachers and peers. We work closely with our students so they can have a voice in their individualised learning goals to support the direction of their learning for improvement. 


At Dromana Primary school we are dedicated to providing our students with a love of reading which will motivate and inspire them to be inquisitive about the world around them. We are passionate about providing students with learning opportunities that enable them to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

We utilise ‘The Reader’s Workshop’ instructional model that provides a lesson structure to facilitate explicit teaching for whole class, small group and individual needs. Our lessons focusing on comprehension skills encompass a range of reading behaviour that allow our students to think about what they are reading on a deep and meaningful level. Within our workshop model, modelled and shared reading is used by teachers to explicitly target whole class needs focusing on comprehension, accuracy, building vocabulary and fluency. We inspire students to think about the texts they read, see and hear. We provoke thought while reading, by effectively questioning students in differentiated conferencing groups and conversations during lessons. Students are supported in developing the skills required to become independent readers and to think critically about texts through the use of Guided Reading, Reading Groups and Independent Reading as well as Whole Class instruction when needed.

Our classrooms are equipped with classroom libraries in order to foster a love of reading within our classroom walls, so our students have access literature at their fingertips. In addition to a positive classroom culture in Reading, we have a Reading Centre, where students can go and immerse themselves in rich literature within a flexible learning space. Students can borrow from the Reading Centre on a weekly basis, as well as spend time Reading at lunchtime if they so choose.

​“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” – Dr.Suess.


We promote purposeful, specific writing opportunities for our students. We develop our students understanding of writing by knowing the reason why we write. We utilise the ‘Writer’s Workshop’ instructional model to motivate our students to write for a key purpose.The purpose of Writing at Dromana Primary School is for our students to be seen as Writer’s and their ability to Persuade, Inform and Entertain. Our students work within 3 week learning cycles, to master skill set specific writing behaviours to be able to produce an independent piece. Students work through the writing process, learning how to plan, draft, edit and publish. In addition to the writing purpose, students learn about the core features of writing meaning punctuation and grammar are taught through whole class and small group sessions based on the needs of the students. Our teachers ensure students are able to write to a specific purpose to communicate their ideas, thoughts and opinions effectively. Whole class needs are explicitly taught through Modelled and Shared Writing. Individual and small group needs are specifically targeted through Guided Writing group’s and one to one conferencing with the teacher.Spelling conventions and handwriting skills are supported through whole class and small group instruction using programs such as VCOP, Little Learners Love Literacy, Soundwaves and Writing Time by Firefly Education.