Dromana Primary School Boatshed

THERE aren’t many ‘classrooms’ as scenic as the one Dromana Primary School students get to learn in.

At Dromana Primary school we are very fortunate to have a long standing boatshed that has been a part of the school for almost one hundred years. The Boatshed went through a two year transformation to become a Marine Science and Indigenous Studies Learning centre. Over the past five years this unique learning facility has given our students a second classroom and an endless amount of appreciation for where they their learning takes place. Nestled amongst Indigenous Tree’s, constant sounds of the waves moving in the bay and birds singing, the Marine Science and Indigenous Learning Centre is the perfect environment for outdoor learning to take place.

Students walk or take the school bus to our boatshed located only 800 metres from our school, where they begin their Connect to Country session.  Students participate in a variety of lessons overlooking the beach and use their local surroundings to benefit their learning.

The lessons consist of living and non- living species, extensive learning on the local flora and fauna, recognising the impact of pollution within the  Port Phillip Bay and how we can save our unique eco systems, mini botany sessions with the local ranger and understand  how traditional Aboriginal sustainable practices are linked to modern Australia in the 21st century.

We feel privileged to have our students access this interactive, hands – on educational opportunity at their door step.